Natural Fiber Insulation

Our state of the art ultra efficient natural fiber insulation is the best value on the market today; dollar for dollar out performing foam, fiberglass or any other insulation. Price + Performance = Real Value - Air & Sound Control - Fire Safety - Easy Installation - Real Value in R-Value - Retrofitting

$ 9.99
$ 12.99

Attic Guard

Attic Guard thermal insulation for residential applications. Purchase by the roll, 4' x 250' @ $350.00 ea.

$ 350
$ 690.00

Tubular Skylight 10″ Diameter

10" diameter Tubular Solar Skylight. Each unit comes with 4' of vertical tubing (2x2'). Additional lengths are available in 4' sections. Skylight kits include each complete individual unit at the diameter you select plus 1 tube of silicone caulking,

$ 169
$ 179.00

Double Hung Windows

U.20 Benefits: Lower energy bills - Comfort & No Drafts - Security - Low Maintenance - Easy Cleaning - Beauty

$ 395
$ 495.00

Water Heater Blanket

Was $59.95 Now only $44.95 The American Dream Single Bubble White Radiant Barrier Water Heater Blanket works by reflecting heat back into the water heater. The blanket can be installed in minutes, and fits both gas and electric units. American Dream Water Heater Blanket can save up to 20% on hot water heating costs (or about $4.00 per month)!

$ 44.95
$ 59.95

Tubular Skylight 18″ Diameter

Tubular Skylight 18" Diameter

$ 319

Furnace Whistle

Snap this air filter whistle alarm onto your furnace's or air conditioner's air filters to hear a whistle when the filter is dirty and needs changing. If your air conditioner as running less than its optimum efficiency, you are just giving money away. This device will warn you if your air conditioner is running any less than its optimum efficiency. Meaning it's now time to change the filter..

$ 1.99
$ 3.99

Tubular Skylight 21″ Diameter

Tubular Skylight 21" Diameter

$ 369

Toilet Tank Bag

The toilet tank bag is a must have for anyone with multiple bathrooms. Why let money go down the drain with every flush? Save Money on Your Water Bill - Use the Toilet Tank bag The toilet tank bag is a great way to use less water and reduce your water bill. Just fill it, put it in the toilet tank and leave it. It's a one time deal, and you're not going to have to think about it again (except when you notice your water bill is lower).

$ 2.99
$ 4.99

Energia 23″ -4 Element- Induction Cooktop

Enjoy the ease, speed, and safety of induction cooking with the Energia line of energy efficient induction cooktops.

$ 1099
$ 1799

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