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Featured On the Doug Rye Radio Show

“All of the Products here give you the best value in America”

Induction Cooktops Look Good & Are Cheap to Use

With concerns about rising fuel costs and global warming, the energy efficient induction hob is increasingly attractive. It is a dream to cook on & easy to clean.

Avg Water Use vs. Avg Water Use with American Dream Water Savers

American Dream saves 376 gallons per day, and 137,240 per year! Imagine how that would add up over the years(just in water use) These results are eye opening..

7 Ways you can save on your Utility Bill at this very moment

Here are seven ways to save energy and the green from your wallet.

Insulate the Hot Water Heater – Payback in Just a Few Months

Insulate your hot water heater with an insulating jacket to take a good chunk out of the gas or electric bill.

Fresco Air Warranty

Fresco User Guide

Bring that  “after the rain” Freshness indoors User Guide Air Purification Unit Please read all of the information provided in this user’s guide before operating your new air unit. WARNING This air unit is not a medical device. Do not stop  or alter any medical therapy programs or medications without the advice of your physician. […]

Fresco - Put it to the Test

“The #1 Pollution Problem in America is Indoor Air Pollution” — U.S. EPA Like the water we drink and the food we eat, the air we breathe has a great impact on our state of health. Fresco improves the air quality in your home by reducing many indoor pollutants that filters alone are unable to […]

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Saving Upgrades


Windows and Doors Price List 2010

American Dream Windows and Doors custom sizes price list 2010. Tax Credit: 30% of cost up to $1,500 Expires: December 31, 2010 Details: Must be an existing home & your principal residence. New construction and rentals do not qualify. Have you seen our high quality, Triple Pane, high thermal rated windows? Our 2010 window price […]